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Press release October 11, 2012- We are moving!

by Caruthersville Humane Society on 10/12/12

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Location is found as City of Caruthersville issues notice to vacate

CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. (October 11, 2012) — The Caruthersville Humane Society has settled on a new location and is in the process of remodeling and preparing to move its operation to the city of Hayti.  

Plans are underway to quickly ready the building for operation. The non-profit group has only a matter of weeks now that the City of Caruthersville rescinded their initial deadline of December 9.

The Society was previously told they had until December 9 to be moved out of the Cupples factory building, where the group has been housed since the city forced them to relocate from the old shelter location in June, a facility the Humane Society helped raise money to build and make improvements to over the years.

The Society was served a notice to vacate signed by Mayor Diane Sayre and dated October 2, by city manager, Terry Rushing on Friday, October 5.

In the months since the forced relocation, the Humane Society has been able to only operate on a limited basis because of constraints placed on them by the city.

"We were surprised that they went back on their word again,” said Mindi Rice, Public Information Officer. “But, we are doing our best to get our operation moved and up and running by November 5.  Our timeline has been changed by the city once again, yet we will continue to do what we have always done and that is to do our best to meet the needs of the animals in our care.”

The group complained to city officials in March about animal neglect and abuse by a former city employee.  The following month Rushing ordered the group to stop taking in animals and forced the Society to close temporarily. After being relocated to the Cupples factory building, the group has been able to operate, but on a very limited basis.

The official letter from city attorney, Lawrence Dorrough, dated June 9th, expressed the city’s desire to terminate the 20-plus year relationship between the two parties and gave the Humane Society until December 9th to relocate.

“Since receiving the letter, we have tried to negotiate several times with the city only to receive no response or a negative response,” said Karol Wilcox, Humane Society President. “We offered to contract our services for animal control and adoption since the city has stated they are becoming
a pound only, with no veterinary protocol. We did not receive a positive response on our proposal.”

The City of Caruthersville also seized a camera during the initial days of the closure in which the Humane Society had placed on its animals to help discover the cause of suspicious deaths. That camera has still not been returned, nor has its contents been viewed by the Humane Society.

Media reports said the camera was not in law enforcement hands and its whereabouts are not known.

“We have been trying to serve the citizens and animals the best we can since all this started,” said Rice. “In the end, our hope is that we can grow the shelter and serve a broader community once we are up and running. We have already voted to change our shelter status to no-kill, we are working on setting up a fostering network, animal-education opportunities are being discussed…but overall, we are mostly excited about being able to serve all of Pemiscot County. It is a negative that we are choosing to turn into a positive.”

The moves by the city have cost the Society much-needed funds in operational expenses during the previous months.

According to Wilcox, the group has been operating at a great disadvantage because of the situation they were forced into, but have continued to help people care for their animals and help lost animals find their way home.

The Society has received great support from the community and hopes to continue that relationship as community support is crucial to the success of the shelter.  

“Last year, we housed 614 animals for people who evacuated the City of Caruthersville when flood waters threatened to invade the town. This service was provided at no cost to the city,” said Wilcox. “Even with the limitations we have been operating under, we have been helping citizens with low cost spay and neuters, a few adoptions and continuing to help reunite owners with their lost pets.”

“We are grateful to the city officials and citizens of Hayti for providing us with a location and welcoming us with open arms. We look forward to meeting and working with everyone to make the Humane Society a success once again,” said Rice. “We will still continue to help the citizens in Caruthersville as we have always have; we just won’t be located here any longer. Our current situation is about to come to a close and it’s time to get back to what is important, the business of helping animals.”

As renovation begins, the group will be posting wish list items on their Facebook page and in the media for anyone interested in donating time, materials or services.

If you would like to help, contact Karol Wilcox at (573) 359-5802.  Those wishing to make a monetary donation can mail them to Caruthersville Humane Society, P.O. Box 345, Caruthersville, and MO 63830 or securely online via PayPal at All donations are tax-deductible.



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